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Pewter Report's NFL Mock Draft

Checkout the 's NFL Mock Draft, I think it would make Buc Fans Happy and pretty much all involved, except maybe the Ted Ginn Pick. Here's the Top 5:

1. Oakland Raiders - QB JaMarcus Russell (LSU) "The Raiders are tempted to take WR Calvin Johnson here, but they realize they don't have anybody to throw him the football. Owner Al Davis tipped his hand when he compared Russell to John Elway. Russell is the pick."

2. Detroit Lions - DE Gaines Adams (Clemson) "The Lions may consider taking T Joe Thomas or QB Brady Quinn here, but head coach Rod Marinelli needs to improve his defense's pass rush and he loves Adams. Detroit likely will entertain trade offers since the Lions feel they could take Adams a few picks later."

3. Cleveland Browns - RB Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma) "Cleveland will be tempted to select QB Brady Quinn, but they'll go with the safer pick in Peterson, who will be groomed behind RB Jamal Lewis for a year. The Browns figure an improved ground attack will immediately help improve the play of their quarterbacks."

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - WR Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech) "The Bucs will be fortunate to have Johnson fall to them since several teams likely will attempt to trade up with Oakland, Detroit and Cleveland to position themselves to draft Johnson. But in the end, Johnson and T Joe Thomas will fall in Tampa Bay's lap. A franchise tackle has a lot of appeal, but the Bucs offense, which scored just 20 touchdowns last season, simply can't afford to pass up a player with Johnson's attributes and playmaking ability."

5. Arizona Cardinals - T Joe Thomas (Wisconsin) "There's a chance the Cardinals could attempt to trade up with the Bucs to select Thomas, but they won't make that move if they believe the Bucs will select Johnson. Arizona fills a need and grabs the best left tackle in the 2007 NFL Draft."

I'm surprised the Pewter Report has the Raiders selecting QB JaMarcus Russell, since he's been viewed as a "Doughboy" all off-season, but I guess everyone figures the Raiders MUST draft a QB.

It's hard to deny Marinelli's infatuation with defense, but can he really pass up on what many believe to be a "Can't Miss" O-Lineman in Joe Thomas?

I can't help but wonder if today's Adrian Peterson news turns off the Browns toward drafting the former Sooner. I guess it wouldnt deter them seeing how teams apparently received this news at the combine a few months back.

I think the Arizona Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt, and QB Matt Leinart would be tickled to death should OT Joe Thomas fall to them ...

One can only hope this is the way the Draft unfolds. Look out for the pesky Falcons though