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Meshawn Johnson to be Draft Analyst for ESPN

In a move that just adds to the tension of Draft Day for Buc fans; the Worldwide Leader in Sports aka ESPN has announced that Keyshawn Johnson will be one of it's analyst during this weekends NFL Draft. Thankfully he won't break down every pick, that will be Mel Kiper's job, but Key's opinion will be beckoned upon from time to time.

I think this will be really interesting. Say what you want about Keyshawn, but in a Draft analyst setting, he may not be all that bad. I mean, he was Drafted No. 1 Overall, had success and then fizzled out. Who better to document the up's and down's of an NFL career? Plus he played in NY, Dallas, and Tampa among other cities, thats a diverse array of culture. Checkout this quote from Keyshawn if you need more proof of his potential insight:

"I have the perspective of being the No. 1 overall pick, knowing the pressures you are under and still playing to your abilities," Johnson said. "And I can talk about the pressures that are going to be put on the No. 1 pick or other No. 1s, or even second-rounders, and the sort of things that come up in the NFL and the expectations of turning a franchise around for a high pick. There's the ups and downs you go through psychologically on and off the field."
We're certainly in for some EGG in the face this weekend, huh? The potential of NO Calvin Johnson and NO Buster Davis coupled with the addition of Meshawn . . . Ouch!