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Draft Special: Gaines Adams Defensive End Clemson

Meet: Gaines Adams a Defensive End from Clemson. Gaines Adams is the real deal in terms of pass rushing, checkout his stats from his senior season: finished with 62 total tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, 12.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and three fumble recoveries.. He's a little light-weight, but he's definitely got height measuring in at 6'4 260 lbs. Gaines could have opted to enter the Draft last season, but decided to return to Clemson and it has certainly paid off as he should certainly be a Top 5 Draft Pick in the NFL's 2007 Draft. . . .

Additional info on Adams provided by Footballs Future:

"Gaines Adams has big time pass rush potential. He is an excellent athlete, that has excellent speed and agility on the football field. He can explode off the snap and blow right by the tackle to get into the backfield. He does not just rush straight off the edge, he shows the agility to easily adjust his direction as he moves up the field. Adams has an excellent frame that should allow him to add weight at the next level, and not lose any of his quickness. Adams relies too much on his natural talent. With his lack of great size right now, he can be taken out of the play in running situations. He needs to learn how to get off blocks better, and must bulk up to play on the line at the next level. He also needs to show more consistency on a down to down basis. Adams has all the talent to be a standout pass rusher at the next level. He should be the first defensive end selected, and with good workouts, could be a Top five selection."

DE Gaines Adams is probably one of the more sure things in the Draft next to WR Calvin Johnson. He's an absolute beast on the field and knows how to finish off plays. It's been said that he relies on his Natural Ability to much, but to me that would take away from the players drive, so I wouldn't recommend it. As for the Bucs and Gaines ability to be a potential Draft Pick, I think Allen and Gruden would do their selves serious disservice by not meeting with Mr. Adams. He is a true pass rusher and by playing in the ACC he has become battle tested. He also improved each year of his collegiate career. With the possibilities of DE Simeon Rice being traded and the age of DE Kevin Carter, it would behoove the Bucs to look very hard at the Draft's available DE's, in the event that WR Calvin Johnson is gone come Pick submission time. I would rank Amobi ahead of Gaines, just because Amobi still has room to grow and he's already 300 + pounds, but the Bucs can't go wrong with either DE.

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