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Draft Special: JaMarcus Russell Quarterback LSU

Meet: JaMarcus Russell a QB from Louisiana State University (LSU). Mr. Russell is an absolute beast, check out his ideal size: 6'6 256 lbs. That size gives him 2 inches on QB Chris Simms and a whooping 5 inches on Veteran QB Jeff Garcia. I have yet to find any reports of the Bucs and JaMarcus Russell having any sit downs to chat. JaMarcus is one of the more battle tested QB's entering the NFL in this Draft. Aside from producing the NCAA National Champion (boo!), the SEC provides an assortment of powerhouses.

As far as JaMarcus' abilities Footballs Future has you covered:

"As a junior, [JaMarcus] had an outstanding season. He threw for 3,129 yards, with an amazing 67.8% completion percentage, and 28 touchdowns to just eight interceptions. JaMarcus Russell has an unreal combination of skills. First off, he is absolutely massive, and legitimately could play on an NFL defensive line with his size. He is an excellent athlete for his size as well. Russell also has an absolute cannon of an arm, and will be one of the elite in the league as soon as he's drafted. On the field, he has grown each season, and there's no reason to see him stopping now. As a passer, he is accurate and efficient, and there is no throw he cannot make. Russell is a pocket passer, but has the athleticism and mobility to elude the rush or run for yardage when the opportunity presents itself. Despite all his physical talent, his biggest asset may be his ability to get his team to rally around him. He has proven to be a quality leader, and can make plays in big games. Russell has gotten better each year, but he still needs to show a little more patience and discipline throwing the football. At times he'll still get reckless thinking his arm strength can get him out of jams."

I think the Buc fans would be lucky to Draft a QB as versatile as JaMarcus Russell. The thing is, we have three QB's who are potentially on the books for another two years, that doesn't sound like much, but you don't bring in Free Agent QB Jeff Garcia to warm the bench. He will be the starter come Opening Kickoff. QB Chris Simms was re-signed in the off-season for another two years, so he's not going anywhere. Couple those two Quarterbacks with second year QB Bruce Gradkowski and you've got a full stable and that's not even including "Mr. Irrelevant-Retiree." Therefore I think it's a no-brainer that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Bruce Allen will pass on QB JaMarcus Russell, who they shouldn't even have a shot at drafting might I add, should the Bucs hold on to the 4th Pick in the NFL Draft. Russell's gonna be an effective QB. I predicate that on his size, ability, and the way he picked up Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher's offense and ran with it (literally).

JaMarcus Russell's career history brought to you by: Footballs Future and