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Gruden to JaMarcus: Let the Force be with you

We all know Head Coach Jon Gruden absolutely loves his quarterbacks and tries to incorporate them into his own version of the West Coast Offense. But who knew Gruden was trying to put his own stamp on the slang words used in America:

"The workout that Russell had was 'Star Wars,'" said Bucs coach Jon Gruden. "He's got the quick arm, the big arm and he's got the ability to run around himself. The other guy [Quinn] is a Type A guy. He's a winner and he's the hardest-working guy maybe in this draft. What a great-looking kid and a great competitor. I like them both a lot."

A Star Wars reference wouldn't be complete without a Wookiee Sound byte . . .

I apologize in advance for the ridiculousness of this post, Gruden encouraged it. Check out the story here: Tampa Tribune