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Bucs Beat: Questionaire, What would you Do?

The Bucs Beat provides an array of open-ended questions for Buc Fans to seemingly answer for Head Coach Jon Gruden and General Manager Bruce Allen before heading into this weekends NFL Draft:

Question #1: Trade up for Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson?

The fan in me, says "Give up the entire first round of picks for Calvin", but thats not the way to build a contender, now is it? Definitely do NOT trade UP for Calvin

Question #2: Select Wisconsin tackle Joe Thomas?

Even if Calvin, JaMarcus, and Adrian are all gone, the Bucs should still pass on -Gone Fishin'- and select a DT (Amobi Okoye, please) or DE (Gaines Adams). We don't have room for Joe

Question #3: Select quarterback JaMarcus Russell of LSU or Brady Quinn of Notre Dame?

If this scenario happens (and i pray it doesnt), i hope the Bucs select JaMarcus Russell. Brady Quinn has showed me nothing, other than being tough, that would excite me about drafting him. JaMarcus on the other hand has tremendous upside.

Question #4: Select Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson?

This is a scenario I've warmed up to over the course of the month and now that Cadillac is supposedly down with it, count me in. Unless of course -#21 is available-

Question #5: Select a defensive lineman such as Clemson's Gaines Adams or Louisville's Amobi Okoye?

If WR Calvin Johnson is gone, this is the road I hope the Bucs most travel, specifically down the Okoye Road. The kid is a beast which will be portrayed in a Web Site I will be doing a piece on tomorrow, A Ridiculously Interesting Web Site that you should definitely be geeked up to be introduced to. Look for that piece around 2-3pm ET.

Question #6: Trade your picks to the Bears for linebacker Lance Briggs?

Did you say trade your picks, as in all of your picks? All of the first days picks? what? This is a scenario I hope never sees the light of day and I think it died earlier in the off-season when I (via the Pewter Report) initially told you of the Bucs interest in Lance Briggs. Don't do this Bruce, I feel for Lance, but he COSTS too MUCH.

Question #7: Do something else?

How about Stay Put and let the cards fall where they may. Scout the heck out of your potential draftees Jon/Bruce because your futures in Tampa ride on it.

Good Luck!! I used to think I would love to Draft for my respective team, but this year is crazy. I can't remember a Draft in which the Top 5 Picks were so unpredictable.

Fellow Buc Fans, what would you do? What would you like to see happen on Saturday? and Sunday?