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Draft Special: Brady Quinn Quarterback Notre Dame

Meet: Brady Quinn a QB from Notre Dame. A lot of people like to refer to Brady Quinn as an all-american boy, but I've seen the guy take hit after hit and get right back up without any hesitation, he's definitely got guts. He's also got a prototypical size for an NFL QB: 6'3 232. In what was his senior season, Quinn posted 35 Td's to 5 Int's and threw for over 3,000 yards. Despite overcoming a Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator change mid-way through his collegiate years. Brady was still able to win the Maxwell Award as a Senior and finish 3rd in the Heisman Race. It was reported last week that Jon Gruden met with Brady Quinn to get to know the QB better.

Here's Brady's assessment via Footballs Future:

"Brady Quinn is the prototypical pocket passer. He has great size, along with the strength and willingness to sit in the pocket and deliver a strike. He has very good arm strength, and can make all the throws on the field. His accuracy has continued to improve every year, and he is on target on everything under 20 yards. Quinn is also a good athlete for a pocket passer, and he knows how to elude the rush and get the throw off. He also shows the ability to remain calm under pressure. Picking something to criticize Quinn for is tough. He was very inconsistent his first two years, but once he was under the tutelage of Weis, he put it all together. As good as Quinn has been, he has not been able to win the big game. That is not all his fault, but the special ones seem to find a way to win the game."

I honestly would not have even provided a Brady Quinn Draft Preview had Head Coach Jon Gruden not scheduled and followed through with a meeting with Brady last week. Although the Bucs are stocked with QB's, there's only one QB in this Draft I would take a chance on and his name is NOT Brady Quinn. His name would be JaMarcus Russell. I know Brady had a fairly less than spectacular group of teammates around him, but spare me that garbage. WR Jeff Samardzija would have been a Top 10 Pick had he not opted to play Professional Baseball with the Chicago Cubs. RB Darius Walker, OT Ryan Harris, DT Derek Landri, DE Victor Abiamiri and S Tom Zbikowski are all NFL bound. I know that's not 21 other players, but that's a lot more talent than quite a few teams possess, especially for a team with an NFL "perceived guru" as a Head Coach. My main gripe with Brady Quinn is that he's never won the big game, Never. If the Bucs elect to Draft QB Brady Quinn, I think it would send a shock wave through the fan base for sure.

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