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Checkout the last #4 Picks over the Past 10 years

Take a look at who's been drafted with the 4th Pick of the 1st Round of the NFL Draft over the last 10 years.

The past 10 No. 4 picks:

2006 D'Brickashaw Ferguson T N.Y. Jets
2005 Cedric Benson RB Chicago Bears
2004 Philip Rivers QB N.Y. Giants
2003 Dewayne Robertson DT N.Y. Jets
2002 Mike Williams T Buffalo
2001 Justin Smith DE Cincinnati
2000 Peter Warrick WR Cincinnati
1999 Edgerrin James RB Indianapolis
1998 Charles Woodson CB Oakland
1997 Peter Boulware OLB Baltimore

Fairly interesting Picks here. Only (Two) Offensive Tackles in the Bunch. One of which absolutley did NOT pan out. By looking at the list above you can tell the Bucs can pretty much figure to Draft an absolute stud. Other than RB Cedric Benson and T Mike Williams, I would say the remaining 8 teams are pretty happy with their picks. Robertson isnt exactly a sack machine, but he definitely carries his own weight.

Hat Tip to Joanne Korth from the St. Pete Times for the info