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NFL Draft: Hope you got Time on your Hands

Last year's 1st Round of the NFL Draft lasted just over 5 Hours. I hope you got a nice place on the couch picked out. In case you missed it, on this Site's Left Side Bar, the Bucs Picks for this weekends NFL Draft are as follows:

1st Round
4th Pick Overall
2nd Round
3rd Pick (35th Overall)
32nd Pick (64th Overall)
3rd Round
4th Pick (68th Overall)
4th Round
3rd Pick (98th Overall)
5th Round
4th Pick (131st Overall)
6th Round
7th Round
4th Pick (195th Overall)
35th Pick (245th Overall)
36th Pick (246th Overall)
ESPN will begin Draft Coverage at 11am ET this Saturday, April 28th. I plan to update the Draft here at Buc'Em for at least the First Round of the Draft, previously scheduled family events may not allow such a scenario. This week I plan to have a write up per day (i'll probably scratch the "per day" deal) on the following potential Buc Draft Picks:
WR Calvin Johnson QB JaMarcus Russell RB Adrian Peterson

OT Joe Thomas QB Brady Quinn DT Amobi Okoye DE Gaines Adams