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Bucs Trade Possibilities

Rick Stroud of the St. Pete Times provides us with a list of the 5 Trades the Bucs may look to make leading up to and during the 2007 NFL Draft:

Option #1: Trade the Rights to QB Jake Plummer

I agree that we should dump Plummer to whichever team will take him, which would probably consist of the Raiders, Lions, or Dolphins. But if your any of those teams, why would you trade a Top 10 Draft Pick for a QB who is retired and isnt willing to fight Jeff Garcia or Chris Simms for a starting job.

Option #2: Trade for the Saints DE Charles Grant

That's nice, but who are the Saints gonna ask us for? Because there's no way this team is giving up (2) #1 Picks for a DE. Thanks but no thanks.

Option #3: Trade Brian Kelly to the Lions

I think this could actually work, considering the Lions need to replace CB Dre Bly and would only move down two spots in the Draft should a deal be reached. In other words, they could pay OT Joe Thomas #4 money rather than #2 money. The 2nd Pick in the Draft however does not guarentee the Bucs can Draft WR Calvin Johnson.

Option #4: Trade Simeon Rice

B I N G O, this is what I would look to do. This guy has bumped heads with Gruden since they paired up in '01. Add the fact that this is Simeon's walk year and walla, trade bait. But who would want an older, coming off an injury Simeon? Especially since the Bucs have publicly put Rice on the market, that immediately lowers his trade value. I think its doubtful we Trade Simeon, although the team and the player would benefit.

Option #5: Trade Chris Simms

At this point, I'm not sure whether the fans would care or not. I mean in '05 he took us to the promised land, in '06 he couldnt throw a 5 yard hitch. I think we should keep Chris, (1) Because it just looks wrong trading a guy after a season in which he lost his spleen for his ball club (i realize this is fan rationale), (2) You've invested alot in this guy and are paying him to boot, why not see what he can do?