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The League needs to Fix this Rule

"The team with the top pick is permitted to negotiate with players before the draft" via the Bucs Beat.

How disgusting was it last year, when we knew the Texans had already signed -insert mistake here-, the night before the draft? Now the Raiders are negotiating with both WR Calvin Johnson and QB JaMarcus Russell. What is the point of the Draft if the Number One team signs it's Draftee before the event even begins???

Did I do a good job of hiding the real reason I'm pissed? No, I didn't think so either. Why negotiate with WR Calvin Johnson? I know Al's trying to drum up other teams interest, but the man could very well Draft the WR. Your franchise doesnt NEED him. Here's an idea Al, Draft Calvin and put him at QB. What a joke. The Frustration Mounts . . .

Is Al Davis Serious? (This picture courtesy of the Rocky Mountain News)