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Bucs Worked out a couple Local Boys Today

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Worked Out a couple of local boys this afternoon at One Buc Place. The players consisted of: (local natives, by League Rules the players had to of resided in a local district to be eligible to Workout for the Bucs)

QB Pat Julmiste USF
LB Steven Nicholas USF
LB Pat St. Louis USF
WR Ean Randolph USF
OL Theodric Watson USF
WR Chris (C.C.) Davis FSU
WR Robert Hallback FSU
WR Carl Berman ISU
DT Casey Camero Duke
FB/LB Larry Edwards UNC
DB Rashod Moulton Ft. Valley
K Garrett Rivas Michigan
WR Tyron Timmons Mississippi Valley

Now I can speak about WR Chris Davis from Florida State, because I've watched his entire collegiate career unfold. The kid showed great promise from the moment he took the field. He just had a swagger to him. In a way, I feel like I'm still waiting for his career to blossom. He has the speed and the juke-like nature that made WR Peter Warrick a household name. He's just never taken off for whatever reason. One reception he'll make a DB miss and turn up field, the next he'll either drop the ball or turn up field to only get hit and fumble the ball. To me, if WR J.R. Russell from Louisville can't crack this roster, then no way in the world does WR Chris Davis have a shot. It's hard to say that, because the homer in me wants to see this guy do well, but he showed nothing in college that would lead me to believe he could even get past the practice squad in the NFL.

As per the other players up above, I couldnt tell you a thing, other than Hallback from FSU battled injuries I believe. So if you know of any of these player, give me a shout in the comment section. Do you think their worthy of dawning the Pewter?