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The NFL Draft is Fun

We all know the Bucs have the 4th Pick in the NFL's upcoming Draft, but take a look at what their 35th and 64th Picks Overall have netted teams in the past, say the past 10 years:

Group 1:

Olin Kreutz
Adrian Wilson
Dewayne White
Darnell Dockett
Travis Fisher

Group 2

Alge Crumpler
Charles Tillman
Igor Olshansky
Tony Parrish
Reggie Brown

Which group would you select? The Crumpler Group is tempting because he's my boy and all, but Adrian Wilson and Darnell Dockett oh my! The first group is of the last players taken over the decade with the #64 Pick and the second group is of the last players taken over the last decade with the #35 Pick in the Draft. It's not exactly a Pro Bowl Line-up, but who wouldnt take Alge, Adrian and Darnell?

Conclusion: The NFL Draft in Fun

hat tip to the Bucs Official Site for the info!