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Wacky Scenarios

Here's a couple more Wacky Rumors via Sports Talk Radio, namely my boys at WDAE The Sports Animal:

One potential scenario has the Bucs trading to the Oakland Raiders, the 4th Pick and a 2nd Round Pick in the Draft AND the Rights to QB Jake Plummer. Finally the Plummer Saga may net us an actual benefit. I would be up for this deal, as would Jake Plummer, who if he decides to come out of retirement, it'll be a Guaranteed Starting Job that does it. It's tough giving up a 2nd Round Pick, but thats a heck of alot better than giving up our entire first day's worth of Draft Picks for a Wide Receiver.

If only every team ahead of us Drafted their team needs, then these scenarios wouldnt even take place.

Our Rumor last night that talked about a possible trade between the Lions and Bucs is now DEAD and thank goodness .... there's nothing guarenteed we get WR Calvin Johnson at 2 anyway.

One other Rumor that would effect us, has the Dolphins trading QB Daunte Culpepper and their 1st and 2nd Round Draft Picks to the Raiders for the rights to Draft? Who knows. Why would anybody want Culpepper?

There you have it!