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Two Note Worthy Rumors Floating Around

One Rumor has the Bucs sending DE Simeon Rice and the #4 Pick in the Draft to the Lions, for the Lions #2 Pick in the Draft. The other Rumor has the Bucs sending all of their 1st Day Picks in exchange for the Oakland Raiders 1st Pick.

Option No. 1: I would definitely go for, the problem is, it doesnt guarentee you the rights to Draft WR Calvin Johnson, although it does guarentee you the rights to Draft QB JaMarcus Russell or WR Calvin Johnson, whichever player the Raiders pass up. I know Buc fans don't want to hear about more QB's, but just look at Russell's size alone ... 6'6 260. I don't think we'd ever see another batted ball at the line of scrimmage. Does Gruden have time to groom another QB though, I would say the consensus is a "NO".

Option No. 2: Is straight buffoonery (Damn You, Jeff Cameron). This is what hurt us in the past. We gave up a Kings ransom to trade for Head Coach Jon Gruden (granted he netted us a Super Bowl Championship and that alone is worth my first born, i'm joking). There is no way Bruce Allen is gonna give up (4) First Day Draft Picks for WR Calvin Johnson; I'm sorry thats insane. That would be going against everything this team has been building toward. Stand Pat PLEASEEEE!

Both Rumors courtesy of the Buc's Beat