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Pats Downs once again at Raymond James Stadium?

Curt Anderson of the Mercury News is reporting that a Tampa Bay Authority is attempting to have "Pat-Downs" mandatory before entering Raymond James Stadium for every Buccaneers Home Game.

You may remember that "Pat-Downs" were administered last season until a season-ticket holder (Gordon Johnston) complained and went as far as to challenge the "Pat-Downs" in court as unconstitutional; he won. Every Stadium in the NFL requires "Pat-Downs" except Raymond James. I really don't understand the outrage in this. The season-ticket holders argument is as such:

"It's like a slippery slope," Johnston said after Tuesday's hearing. "If I lose these rights, going to the games, then I'll lose other rights."

I'm not sure you would lose any more rights, but what I am sure of is that "Pat-Downs" could potentially deter any possible terrorist attacks AND that I am for. I mean, other than trying to smuggle in boo's or other illegal objects, why would you be against taking a 5 second pat-down if it could potentially save your life and countless others?