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BucEm's Final Official NFL Mock Draft for '07

Here's my final Mock Draft of the off-season. My first Mock Draft was a depiction of what I thought would truly take place. This Final Mock Draft is a depiction of what I hope happens. As usual, if you disagree with my picks, let me know in the comment section!! Without further ado I present you with my Final Official NFL Mock Draft:

  1. Oakland - QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU (Everyone, except for the Pewter Report, feels Oakland should draft QB JaMarcus Russell. I think Al Davis will finally shed that "Crazy Man" monicker and Draft the guy his team desperately needs. He HAS to make up for passing on QB Matt Leinart last year. There shouldnt be a repeat of the Texans debacle from a year ago. Although WR Calvin Johnson would be far from a debacle)
  2. Detroit - OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin (There's only so many times you can take a Wide-Receiver, right? Quinn will be tempting, but his resume is so Joey Harrington esque its frightening. Thomas immediately solidifies the Left Side of the Line for Jon Kitna and the Lions. Millen sees the light and finally decides to build the right way)
  3. Cleveland - RB Adrian Peterson, OU (Sorry Texan fans, you'll have to wait until 2038 for your Franchise Back. The Browns tinker with the idea of Drafting QB Brady Quinn, but instantly remember RB Jamal Lewis is in their backfield. Adrian LOVES the Browns and the Browns LOVE Adrian. Perfect Romance here . . .)
  4. Tampa Bay - WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech (Quit Chuckling, he will drop to the Bucs in this Draft. After writing that, I don't believe it myself, but hey this is a Mock Draft. Something finally goes right for the Bucs and Jon Gruden. All the flirting with other potential Draft Picks goes for not. Gruden and Allen are FORCED to Draft the Best Prospect in the Draft and thankfully so. Bucs fans can stop having aneurisms over invisioning Brady Quinn, Joe Thomas, or Adrian Peterson walk to the podium. )
  5. Arizona - OT Levi Brown, Penn State
  6. Washington - DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas
  7. Minnesota - DE Gaines Adams, Clemson
  8. Atlanta - S LaRon Landry, LSU
  9. Miami - QB Brady Quinn, ND (Don't you WISH Saban had given the cash to QB Drew Brees? Quinn will be an upgrade over Culpepper and bring new life to the Dolphins Nation, but you couldn't win it with QB Dan Marino ... You're Doomed, Thanks for Trying, Come again!)  
  10. Buffalo - LB Patrick Willis, Ole Miss

    With the cut of RB Domanick Davis-Williams and the passing up of Reggie Bush in last year's draft. The Texans MUST TRADE DOWN. They need OL help, but they also need a RB. Hey, at least you got QB Matt Schaub, heh!)

  11. San Francisco - DE Adam Carricker, Neb
  12. Denver - DE Alan Branch, Michigan
  13. St. Louis - DE Amobi Okoye, Louisville
  14. Carolina - TE Greg Olsen, The "U"
  15. Pittsburgh - LB Paul Posluszny, PSU
  16. Green Bay - RB MarShawn Lynch, Cal
  17. Jacksonville - S Reggie Nelson, FLA
  18. Cincinnati - CB Leon Hall, Michigan
  19. Tennessee - WR Robert Meachem, UT
  20. N.Y. Giants - CB Darrelle Revis, Pitt
  21. Houston - OT Joe Staley, Central Michigan
  22. Dallas - CB Aaron Ross, Texas
  23. Kansas City - WR Ted Ginn Jr., USC
  24. New England - S Eric Weddle, Utah
  25. N.Y. Jets - CB Chris Houston, Arkansas
  26. Philadelphia - LB Lawrence Timmons, FSU
  27. New Orleans - WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU
  28. New England - OG Ben Grubbs, Auburn
  29. Baltimore - OG Justin Blalock, Texas
  30. San Diego - WR Dwayne Jarrett, USC
  31. Chicago - LB Jon Beason, The "U"
  32. Indianapolis - DT Justin Harrell, Tennessee
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