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With the 3rd Pick in the 2nd Round of the Mock Draft . . .

Buc'Em selects:

LB Buster Davis Florida State

I know, what a "" pick, but admit it Buc fans . . . This team of ours has missed a little flair, a little talk, a BIG MOUTH. A player who could talk the talk and walk the walk. That guy was: Warren Sapp. He made every game interesting, whether it was chirping in Favre's ear or yelling down an opposing coaches throat, Warren Sapp had flair.

Let me introduce you to Warren Sapp Lite: Line-Backer Buster Davis from Florida State. He's small in stature 5'10 240 lbs, but he is built like an ICE BOX. This past season for FSU he tallied 102 tackles (7 for loss), 5 sacks, and 1 interception. Buster was hands down the vocal leader of Mickey Andrews defense.

from Football's Future:

"Buster Davis is a very aggressive and instinctive linebacker. On every snap, he is looking to knock down as many opponents as possible, and fly to the football. He quickly diagnoses the play, and explodes to the action. With his quickness and instincts, Davis is always around the ball. He is the type of player that you try to stay away from on every play, and you know when he hits you."

The knock on Buster is that he is small. Let me direct you to a short list of so-called small LB's that have made a very nice name for themselves:

Derrick Brooks 6'0 235 lbs.
Zach Thomas 5'11 228 lbs.
Cato June 6'0 227 lbs.
Ernie Sims 5'11 221 lbs.
Lofa Tatupu 6'0 238 lbs.
and the list goes on . . .

I know this pick will be considered a r e a c h and it is to a degree. By trading up for WR Calvin Johnson in the 1st Round of the Draft, we lost our late 2nd Round Pick and I didn't feel like Buster would have fallen to the third round. Plus if you know anything about me, I would never draft a guy because he is "The Best" player available at that draft spot. No, I draft strictly by need. With LB Shelton Quarles probably not in our '07 plans, I felt it was necessary to Draft one of the BEST Middle LineBackers in the Draft. Plus are any of you willing to concede the MLB spot to Barrett Ruud? I didn't think so. I thought Buster was definitely worth our 2nd Round Pick.

If you have a Problem with this pick, VOICE IT, by all means, PLEASE Voice it. I know the polls I ran earlier in the off-season suggested I should draft Ohio State's DT Quinn Pitcock, but anybody was allowed to vote in those polls, so I made a judgement call.

Our next pick is with the 4th Pick in the 3rd and final Round of SB Nation's Mock Draft, so if you want a voice, unleash it in this thread!!!!