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Former Buccaneer in Public, Oh My

I know this isn't exactly Buccaneers News or even News Worthy per say, but what the heck, it's saturday.

Once upon a time I critiqued my alma mater over at, about how FSU doesnt incorporate their past ball-players enough. Well on the sidelines for todays Spring Game was RB Warrick Dunn. I was very impressed by this and it made me proud for this institution, as I've never seen a former Nole on the sidelines. Dont ask me which muppet baby character that is standing next to him.

Anyway consider this todays News of the Weird. It's Warrick Dunn Wooooooooo!!! Also, if you wanna checkout any of FSU's Spring Game Coverage, click here

Out of curiosity, how many of you Buccaneer fans are Seminoles, Gators, Hurricanes etc. Click "Entry Link" for the Poll that accompanies this post.