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Prepare for a (5-10-1) Season, Buc Fans

Let me apologize to those of you who are eating your morning Cheerios in front of the computer ... The Bucs will go (5-10-1) this Season ... let me give you a moment to clean the milk off your monitor ...

That's right Buc fans, Tom Jones of the St. Pete Times has the Bucs 2007 Season all planned out! Here's his score predictions:

Seahawks 27-10 (0-1)
Saints 38-7 (0-2)
Bucs over Rams 23-14 (1-2)
Panthers 24-14 (1-3)
Colts 42-7 (1-4)
Titans 30-20 (1-5)
Bucs over Lions 7-3 (2-5)
Bucs over Jags 12-9 (3-5)
Bucs over Cardinals 24-23 (4-5)
Falcons 38-17 (4-6)
Redskins 17-13 (4-7)
Saints 20-19 (4-8)
Tie with Texans 0-0 (4-8-1)
Falcons 27-10 (4-9-1)
49ers 3-2 (4-10-1)
Bucs over Panthers 33-3 (5-10-1)

Bucs Final Record: 5-10-1

I particularly love that Colts score (42-7), it just kinda GLARES at you doesnt it? I mean he uses great theories to back up his claims like, "the Bucs won't be able to stop Shaun Alexander and will fall" and "[Reggie Bush] He'll run for one score, catch another, return a punt and a kickoff for TDs." Gotta appreciate that insight. He's almost as clever as Don Imus. This has gotta be an attempt at a "shock article" because there's stale humor coming out of every score synopsis.

Instead of mocking the rest of this man's article, we'll just tuck this article into the Buc'Em Archives for later "Egg in the Face" field days.