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Chris Simms LOVES him some Shotgun

Chris Simms is beaming with joy over Coach Gruden's implementation of the Shotgun into the Players Playbooks.

"It really feels great. It's a new feel and look for our offense. We can do a few new things out of that set. I'm excited about it."

Chris I wouldn't get too excited, you're just warming the position for Garcia. Can't you see that? I know, no need to be negative right. Just as long as you don't get your hopes up.

Garcia is taking the current OTA's as one should

"I'm not going to miss any of the OTAs," said Garcia. "I'm going to be here for all of them."

This will continue throughout the entire off-season. I guess Simms could have a remote shot at starting if Garcia can't seem to handle Gruden's version of the West Coast Offense. I give Simms a 1-in-30 shot at starting come opening day against the Seahawks.

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