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Cadillac Speaks about Injury and Drafting a RB

The has been on it all off season and they continue to bring it with the first Cadillac Williams Interview of the off-season. Cadillac laughs at the rumor of him being in a wheel chair:
"I'm fine, I'm 100 percent," Williams said, "I've been participating in the OTAs and the offseason workouts."

Cadillac also discussed the rumors of Bucs Brass Drafting RB Adrian Peterson from Oklahoma with the 4th Pick in the NFL Draft:

"It's definitely something I can benefit from," Williams said. "It's something I'm familiar with. I spent four years sharing the ball. Whatever goes on during draft day, and whatever way they decide to go, I'm prepared to contribute to the team any way I can."

Don't think for one minute Cadillac Williams agrees with the Bucs Drafting a Running Back:

"Me personally, I don't think running back is a very big need at all," Williams said. "We'll see. I just don't want to get involved in all the gossip."

Well you're involved now my friend and rightfully so. As I've said maybe a million times, the Bucs don't need another running back, they have a tough time feeding the one they currently own. If WR Calvin Johnson is gone when the Bucs hit the clock, either Draft DT Amobi Okoye or Trade down. OT Joe Thomas is not the answer and he wouldnt have a position to play anyway.