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Bucs Beat: OTA Day 1

Day One of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers off-season workouts brought familiar faces in Defensive Backs Coach, Raheem Morris, who returns to the Bucs Practice Field and former Defensive Assistant, Gus Bradley, who is now the LineBackers coach for your Tampa Bay Bucs, reports the Bucs Beat and the Pewter Report. Beside these familiar faces is new Defensive Line Coach, Larry Coyer, who got good reviews from new comers DT Kevin Carter and DT Patrick Chukwurah. DB Coach Raheem Morris looks to bring back a fire that didnt seem to exist for the DB Crew in '06.

One of the better quotes of the day came from DT Kevin Carter:

"I was talking to Derrick [Brooks] and Ronde [Barber] and guys are really conscious of establishing this defense again," said Carter. "Last year, our standards dropped a little bit, and we need to get that back. That’s what we’re focusing on right now."
The Bucs Beat also promises interviews from LB Derrick Brooks and QB's Chris Simms and Jeff Garcia in the days to come. Those should be interesting.