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Gruden: Still barking about Drafting a RB


I just came across a Rumor via The Times that the Bucs may look to Draft RB Adrian Peterson and then TRADE RB Cadillac Williams for a Draft Pick and Player. The potential teams being Buffalo or Green Bay. To that I say, please let this non-sense stop. Cadillac is going No-Where.

Over at, Jon Gruden is still discussing the possiblity of selecting a Running Back with the 4th Pick in the Draft. Gruden had this to say about a two-running-back scheme:

"You never know," said Gruden. "You look at the teams that win, you look at Corey Dillon and [Laurence] Maroney; you look at Thomas Jones and [Cedric] Benson; you look at Dominic Rhodes and [Joseph] Addai. I think it's an important trait. You're going to run the ball 34, 35 times a game; there's a lot of love to be spread around if you've got two great backs."

"If you've got two great backs"? Was that a crack on RB Michael Pittman? heh, I'm only joking, but is Gruden serious? He only averaged 25 rushes a game last season and that number was spiked due to grind it out games against Cleveland and Washington. A Running Back is the last thing this team needs, aside from a full back in this years NFL Draft.