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Off-Topic: Mets at Cardinals


Mets WIN 6-1

So, I've been fighting the urge to post this all day, since:

(a) This isnt a Mets Blog
(b) Eric over at Amazin Avenue does a great job Blogging about the Mets

I couldn't control myself, so here it goes and I apologize in advance . . .

The New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals play the Opening Game of MLB's 2007 Season tonight on ESPN 2 at 8:15pm ET. The last time these two clubs faced each other, the Red Birds knocked my Mets out of the NL Championship Series. To sweeten the pot (for Met Fans), MLB and Bud Selig have scheduled the Cards to receive their World Series Rings tonight.

Tonight's Starting Line-Ups:

NY Mets St. Louis Cardinals
SS Jose Reyes SS David Eckstein
SS Jose Reyes SS David Eckstein
C Paul Lo Duca LF Chris Duncan
CF Carlos Beltran 1B Albert Pujols
1B Carlos Delgado 3B Scott Rolen
3B David Wright CF Jim Edmonds
LF Moises Alou RF Scott Spiezio
RF Shawn Green C Yadier Molina
2B Jose Valentin 2B Adam Kennedy
P Tom Glavine P Chris Carpenter

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