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Gruden's Smoke Screen Starting to Work?

The Philadelphia Inquirer believes it's "Quite Possible" the Bucs will draft a QB with the 4th Pick in the NFL Draft, reports Ashley Fox.

Don't hold your breath.  If Gruden/Allen drafts a QB, that means the Bucs traded down after the Raiders/Lions/Browns goofed up and drafted WR Calvin Johnson.  That also means the Bucs missed out on Joe Thomas, Amobi Okoye, and Gaines Adams.  Highly unlikely.  Even if the Bucs were to lose out on all of those players, Gruden would never make it to Training Camp having drafted a QB any where in the 1st Round of this years NFL Draft.  Don't buy the hype on QB's and RB's being drafted by the Bucs in the 1st Round of the Draft.  Those positions are so far from what the Bucs need, that the Glazers would have to question Gruden/Allen's ability to assess the teams true needs.