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Let me introduce you to DRaysBay

Let me direct your attention to, Buc'Ems local blog brothren. RJ blogs about one of the most neglected baseball franchises in all of MLB, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (and for good reason, I'm just kidding RJ). Being a New York Mets fan, this is tough for me to do; with the whole Scott Kazmir fiasco, but at any rate there's gotta be a couple of you Buc fans that happen to be DRay fans, so in case you weren't aware of RJ's Blog, consider yourself informed. This may be the year that I adopt the Rays as my third favorite MLB franchise behind Amazin Avenue's New York Mets and Lookout Landing's Seattle Mariners. I'm looking forward to the baseball season at any rate and hope the following here finds DRaysBay informative and useful.