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A little Draft Help Please . . .

The NFL Draft is well over a month away, but here at SB Nation we are going to do a Mock Draft that should be finalized and published for all of our readers, say a week before the draft. Rather than making the picks myself; I would much rather have fellow Buc Fans feedback on who we should select (or who I will select for us in the Mock Draft). You will notice the Fan Confidence Poll has been removed and a Bucs Draft Poll has been put in its place. Let's collectively figure out who the Bucs should Pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. Whoever receives the most votes in our Poll's is who we will select (unless of course, someone goes crazy and thinks we should Draft say Buster Davis with our 1st pick or something crazy like that.)

Just a heads up, our Mock Draft will only cover the first (3) rounds of the Draft; which for us (Buc Fans) would consist of four picks. Thanks and I appreciate the input.