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The Browns have just stirred the Pot

ESPN is reporting that the Cleveland Browns have signed RB Jamal Lewis to a one year deal.

You might ask, why would Buc fans care? Well, the Browns have been linked to RB Adrian Peterson the entire off-season. Now that they have signed 27 year old Jamal Lewis, Adrian Peterson may not be their main focal point in the upcoming NFL Draft, which opens the door for controversy and heavy constipation for Buc fans. Do the Browns covet Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson or maybe even Joe Thomas? If you're a Bucs fan, the Jamal Lewis signing should rattle your insides. DawgsByNature should be able to help us out with the direction in which the Browns plan to go come Draft time.

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Should the Bucs lose out on CJ:

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  • 0%
    I would close my eyes and think of what could have been
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    I'll Keep on Keepin' on . . . we'll be alright
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  • 60%
    Dang you Browns; we NEED CJ in the worst way
    (3 votes)
  • 40%
    He might have saved your job Jon, oh well
    (2 votes)
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