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Simms has no FIRE, Dan Patrick on ESPN Radio

Today on Dan Patrick's ESPN Radio show, he interviewed the Bucs Chris Simms. Here's what I took from the interview:

Chris Simms was not shocked by the signing of Garcia or the trade for Plummer. Chris Simms has no idea who will start. Chris got a little testy with Dan, asking what Dan's motives were for asking about who the starting QB is. Simms basically downplayed the entire situation and said there would be a QB competition for who will become the starter. Simms has not talked to Jon Gruden about the signings, but he has talked with Bruce Allen and he felt Bruce was a class act for informing him about the Bucs impending moves. Simms said he understands and feels that there is this idea around the league, within this organization, and among the fans that he hasn't proved anything to warrant a starting QB job. Chris Simms is happy with the situation he is in. He knew coming into this off-season that the Bucs would sign a veteran QB; he didn't think they would acquire two. Simms re-iterated that he's confident in himself, that he doesnt view these QB additions as a "big deal" and that he's not too worried about the situation he's in. Above all, he is not upset with the organization and welcomes the challenge.

To me, he said all of the right things. Even Dan Patrick exclaimed how he was angrier at the situation than Chris Simms. Going into the interview; this was the Chris Simms I thought I would hear. I wanted to hear an intense Chris Simms, a pissed off Chris Simms, a fired up Chris Simms. It is March though, the draft hasnt even taken place, and like Chris said, "There is a competition ahead of him". There may be a positive in this for Chris: Last season he was "The Starter" and didnt get much playing time in pre-season; maybe now he'll get the playing time to prove himself and Garcia will sit back, although Chris didnt get alot of reps and maintained his role as the starter. SO I guess we'll see how this plays out.

By the Way
Dan Patrick also had's Rick Riley on and "The Rick" said he heard from Jake Plummer's mom, that he may join the Peace Corp. What a lovely nugget.