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Upon Further Review: MLB 2K7(vs)MLB'07:TheShow

So .... I've played both games, I wouldn't say extensively, but enough to piss my fiancee off.

IGN.ccom gave MLB 2K7 a 7.0 rating, while MLB'07:The Show received an 8.5 rating. The grading scale on which these games were rated are as follows:

(e)Lasting Appeal

Overall I gotta say, although the games are not MVP Baseball worthy; they will force me to hang up my MVP Baseball 2005 video games updates. You really can't go wrong with either Video Game purchase. My preference is for MLB 2K7, even though the Gods at IGN didnt like it so much. Here's why:

(a)Presentation 8.0 - This is probably the most irrelevant part of a video game for me. None-the-Less the menu's are clean and easy to navigate through.

(b)Graphics 9.0 - The graphics simply blow "The Show" out of the water; when DWright's face (Cover Boy might I add) looks like an otter, you have problems. The batters helmets have the MLB Logo on the back, the stadiums are authentic enough, and the colors are vibrant as they should be.

(c)Sound 8.5 - Some hate 'em, I happen to love them: Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. the crowd is somewhat receptive to the action going on and broken bats sound authentic.

(d)Gameplay 8.0 - Bugs and all, the gameplay is almost flawless. No longer do you run into the wall or take light years to through a ball. The pitching and batting mechanics are the best bar none. My major quip with MLB'07 The Show is that the batting is basically a do or you dont type system. You have to guess the pitch type and then the location and hope you dont swing above or under the pitch (very frustrating). In MLB 2K7, you use the analog stick to hit the ball, pull back and release for a grounder or rope and pull back and push forward for a power stroke. MLB 2K7 needs to get rid of the 3rd inning quiz; its ridiculous and slows the progress of the game and just comes out of no where really. The fielding on both games are fairly flawless; although on MLB 2K7 you have to be a little more alert for diving plays in that the ball gets to you ultra fast.

(e)Lasting Appeal 10.0- I don't know how many of you actually play more than one or two 162 game seasons; its pretty much a grind, so lasting appeal on baseball games kinda baffles me. Either the game is appealing enough to make you attempt to play 162+ games or it isnt. I think both games provide lasting appeal; certainly The Show with its difficulty in mastering the hitting mechanics.

Overall 8.5- for MLB 2K7 and a 8.0 for MLB'07 The Show. Like I said you can't go wrong with either purchase. I think MLB 2K7 has a better asthetic look, feel, and provides the most enjoyment. MLB'07 The Show is dull in the graphics department and disappoints in the batting mechanics department. Check out for their extensive reviews.

It's a shame a developer can't take the Graphics and feel (crowd) from World Series baseball on the Sega Saturn platform and take the gameplay fluidity of MVP Baseball 2005 and put them together. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT I AM REVIEWING THESE GAMES FOR THE PS2 VERSION, I CAN'T QUITE AFFORD THE NEXT GEN SYSTEMS, MAYBE ONE DAY, HEH