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LaVar Arrington: Worth a Look?

LaVar Arrington is about a month away from being able to pass a physical reports the Washington Posts Jason La Canfora.

LaVar is recovering from a torn achilles tendon, but has drawn interest in free agency reports his agent. Arrington is coming off some bizarre circumstances: just last year he ordered his release from the Redskins and got released out right by the Giants. Two teams that could have used a Line Backer of LaVar's ilk. Is this a player the Bucs should look into? It'd be nice if they looked under every rock for potential players that could help this team. I feel confident that they've asked about LaVar, heck they signed DT Kenny Smith and had tryouts for Andre Wadsworth and Peter Boulware. But is Arrington worth the potential headache? He's never tallied over 100 tackles in his 7 year career and the past three years he's been injured. I'd say he's worth a look just on his shear size, the fact that Quarles may be forced to retire, and I'm not really sold on his potential replacements. It'll be interesting to see what comes of LaVar Arrington and whether he can resurrect his career. He seems like a great guy off-the-field.