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Gruden laying ground work for Draft Day

Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune relays a couple interesting Jon Gruden quotes in this article.

Gruden hints to how moving up for Calvin Johnson wouldn't be such a bad idea. I'm definitely warming up to this idea, we do have 9 Picks in the upcoming draft. Gruden's enamored with Adrian Peterson, saying "he's fast and mean as hell". He also points to several teams and the success they've had while using two running backs. Can you say SMOKE? Gruden also throws his hat in the Quarterback Pool, stating JaMarcus Russell has "Rare Talent" and I tend to agree with him, despite Pewter Report's constant references to the pillsbury doughboy and Russell looking alike. Gruden touches on the acquisition of Cato June and how he may retain his Weak Side Line Backer position which would move Derrick Brooks from his natural position, which I just totally don't agree with. Everybody can say Brooks has lost a step, but he still had over 100 tackles, tallied 3 interceptions, and scored a touchdown on defense. He is hardly a weak spot on our defense and to think otherwise is asinine and just completely ignoring the facts. Finally Gruden discusses the QB competition and stresses that everyone including Bruce Gradkowski will have a shot at starting. In other words Jeff Garcia is your starting QB, heh.