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With the 32nd Pick in the 2nd Round of the Draft . . .

The Bucs select: Safety Michael Griffin from the University of Texas. Griffin can be a ball hog on the field and finished his senior season with 116 tackles (4 for loss), one sack and four interceptions. Something tells me he won't be around when I get around to drafting for us late in the 2nd Round. If he's not there, the runner up will be: LB H.B. Blades and then WR Anthony Gonzalez. It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out in the SB Nation Mock Draft.

Be sure to checkout the new poll in the left side section so we can figure out who to draft 4th in the 3rd Round of SB Nation's Mock Draft which is already under way and can be monitored at Field Gulls our Seattle Seahawks Blog.