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SB Nation Mock Draft is under way . . .

Checkout the Field Gulls (Our Blog for the Seattle Seahawks) for one of the sickest looking Logo's SB Nation has ever produced and oh by the way thats where SB Nation's Mock Draft will be taking place. Oakland is Officially on the CLOCK . . . Buckle Up Folks

In case you missed it, here's the picks Readers of Buc'Em have helped select for SB Nation Draft purposes: here, here, and here. If you have any objections speak now or forever hold your peace. By the way, this Mock Draft will only go three rounds, enjoy.

You can also checkout BucEm's Mock Draft in the left side bar and right here.

1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell
2. Detroit
3. Cleveland
4. Tampa Bay
5. Arizona
6. Washington
7. Minnesota
8. Atlanta
9. Miami
10. Houston
11. San Francisco
12. Buffalo
13. St. Louis
14. Carolina
15. Pittsburgh
16. Green Bay
17. Jacksonville
18. Cincinnati
19. Tennessee
20. NY Giants
21. Denver
22. Dallas
23. Kansas City
24. New England (from Seattle)
25. NY Jets
26. Philadelphia
27. New Orleans
28. New England
29. Baltimore
30. San Diego
31. Chicago
32. Indianapolis