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Petitgout: The Bucs should Draft a Wide Receiver

Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel writes about how Luke Petitgout has seen mock drafts for the Bucs and how Wisconsin OT Joe Thomas is penciled in with the Bucs. Petitgout had one thing to say about that, "I think they should take Calvin Johnson."

This was all in good fun, but in all seriousness the Bucs should pass on OT Joe Thomas and I think they will. How often does a O-Lineman get drafted and immediately make an impact? Orlando Pace? Thats about all I can come up with. Gruden can see the writing on the wall. It's either a playmaker or trade down in the draft. Back to Gout; Petitgout has shown up to the Bucs voluntary workouts this past week and is stressing to the other lineman to follow his lead by working out hard. His veteran leadership will be a great asset to OT Jeremy Trueblood and G Davin Joseph.