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Bucs may have to Trade up to get Calvin

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune has discussed the possibility of the Bucs having to trade up to get Calvin Johnson; possibly with the Lions or even the Raiders.

I too, feel the Bucs are going to have a hard time getting Calvin if they wait for him to fall in their lap at the number 4 spot in the Draft. If the Raiders succeed in dealing Randy Moss for a starting QB, then they all but have to select Calvin Johnson. If the Falcons can somehow convince the Lions to switch picks with them, they to covet Calvin Johnson. The Bucs may land Johnson with the 4th pick and myself and every other Buc fan (i'm sure) have their fingers crossed that he falls to us, but its not a given and should certainly not be banked on. I know fellow Buc Fans are hating my recent Mock Draft but the outcomes are real possibilities.