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Gruden loves Garcia, Gradkowski, and Plummer

Sure there's going to be a competition alright, more than likely as for who will be the starting left guard for the Bucs, because the QB competition is Jeff Garcia's to lose. The St. Pete Times held the first discussion with Jon Gruden since Bruce Allen brought in two new QB's.

Gruden has sought after Jeff Garcia for the past four seasons but due to cap restraints he wasn't able to acquire him. That is no longer a problem as Gruden has finally got his man.

If that wasn't enough, Gruden is personally trying to get in contact with Jake Plummer to set up a face-to-face meeting. Gruden wants him to compete; let's just hope he doesnt return his calls.

In this interview we also learn that Gruden is scouting Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell in the next couple weeks, which opens up a completely different can of worms. Say the Bucs DO Draft a QB . . . who gets cut between Gradkowski and Simms? I tend to believe it could very well be Chris Simms.

The article is definitely an interesting read with a bunch of great quotes from Gruden, so be sure to check it out.