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Bucs to Pressure Plummer into Training Camp

Mike Klis of the Denver Post is reporting the Tampa Bay Bucs will put serious pressure on Retired QB Jake Plummer to at least show up for Training Camp.

The idea behind this, is that by getting Jake in camp he will then become revitalized to the idea of a QB competition and try to beat out Garcia and Simms to become the Bucs starting QB. The problem with this rationale is: Jake is retired, has no desire, and frankly, he isnt much better than Jeff Garcia (if at all). If he shows up to Training Camp and gets cut, the Bucs wasted a draft pick for nothing and lose out on his $5-$7 million dollar signing bonus. If Plummer shows up and becomes a back-up to Simms or Garcia; he'll make $5.3 mil while sitting the bench. If he stays retired, the Bucs will then have to make a decision on whether to fight for a signing bonus they never paid him. Sounds like bad business to me, but who the heck am I.