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Culpepper to Sapp: You Stink

The Pewter Report recently wrapped up the first part and second part of an interview with former Gator/Buc Brad Culpepper.  Within the interview Culpepper talks about Sapp hiding from him and Culpepper saying "You could smell him, but you couldn't see him." Culpepper also talks about how tough it was to get Cut loose from the team, how he enjoyed the Gators Nat'l Championship more than the Bucs Super Bowl Championship, and how he would have LOVED to play for Gruden.

Random news of the weird.  My mom actually went on a double date with Mr. Culpepper when he had first got in the league.  Anyway its an interesting interview for those who are in to the ex-gator.  Amazingly enough he actually includes his telephone number within the context of the interview, okay so its his business number, you can still talk to Brad and fan him to death.