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BucEm's 1st Official NFL Mock Draft

Here's my first Mock Draft of the off-season. Sweet Mercy these things take a considerable amount of time. I have to admit, it was fun acting like NFL Draft Expert Mel Kiper. Some of these suggestions may be shocking and down right disgusting, so thats where I need YOU the reader to provide input. Any corrections that you feel need to be made and that the majority agree, will be implemented. Without further ado I present you with my first Official NFL Mock Draft:

  1. Oakland - WR Calvin Johnson, GT (Everyone, except for the Pewter Report, feels Oakland should draft QB JaMarcus Russell. That's where Al Davis comes in. If Randy Moss gets dealt for Aaron Rodgers, look for a shake up with the #1 spot. Plus Calvin is widely viewed as the #1 prospect in all of the draft; just ask the Texans how that worked out for them last year.)
  2. Detroit - QB Brady Quinn, ND (Thankfully for Lions fans a WR will NOT be taken with the 2nd pick in the draft. Joe Thomas should be their pick, but with Matt Millen still in office QB will be the pick of the day imo.)
  3. Cleveland - QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU (So you thought Charlie Frye was the man?! Ha, the Browns can't afford to pass up on a QB with as much talent as JaMarcus Russell. With the signing of Jamal Lewis, the need for a RB this early is no longer warranted, especially in a league in which RB's are not viewed anymore as the marque position to fill.)
  4. Tampa Bay - DT Amobi Okoye, Louisville (Our Bucs have two young guns on the line already in Jeremy Trueblood and Davin Joseph, there's no point with Free Agency to have such a young line with a RB like Cadillac Williams in the backfield. The Bucs will pass up on T Joe Thomas especially after the signing of T Petitgout and go with a VERY young and promising DT in Amobi Okoye. He can learn from two OLD Vet's in Rice and Carter. Sorry Buc fans, no way do three teams pass up on the fascination that is WR Calvin Johnson)
  5. Arizona - OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin (The Cardinals and Matt Leinart luck out here by drafting sorely needed OL help. They still need help on defense, but Matt Leinart needs to stay healthy as does "The Edge's" yards per rush.)
  6. Washington - DE Gaines Adams, Clemson
  7. Minnesota - S LaRon Landry, LSU
  8. Atlanta - DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas
  9. Miami - OT Levi Brown, PSU (They need help at WR and KR, but have you seen that Line? and not kick a man when he's down, but good did Drew Brees look last season?)  
  10. Houston - RB Adrian Peterson, OU (With the cut of RB Domanick Davis-Williams and the passing up of Reggie Bush in last year's draft. The Texans MUST sign Adrian Peterson. They need OL help, but they also need a RB.)
  11. San Francisco - LB Patrick Willis, Ole Miss
  12. Buffalo - RB Marshawn Lynch, California
  13. St. Louis - DE Adam Carricker, Neb
  14. Carolina - TE Greg Olsen, The "U"
  15. Pittsburgh - LB Paul Posluszny, PSU
  16. Green Bay - WR Ted Ginn Jr., OSU (This was a tough pick for me, in my heart of hearts, the Pack needs a RB, but there arent any available and worth taking at this spot, so I went with the old adage in: Take the best player available.)
  17. Jacksonville - S Reggie Nelson, FLA
  18. Cincinnati - CB Leon Hall, Michigan
  19. Tennessee - WR Robert Meachem, UT
  20. N.Y. Giants - CB Darrelle Revis, Pitt
  21. Denver - DE Jarvis Moss, FLA
  22. Dallas - CB Chris Houston, Arkansas
  23. Kansas City - WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU
  24. New England - LB Lawrence Timmons, FSU (Should have stayed at FSU one more season, could have easily been a Top 10 pick in '08)
  25. N.Y. Jets - CB Aaron Ross, UT
  26. Philadelphia - LB Jon Beason, The "U"
  27. New Orleans - CB Eric Wright, UNLV
  28. New England - S Brandon Meriweather, The "U"
  29. Baltimore - DE/LB Anthony Spencer, Purdue
  30. San Diego - WR Dwayne Jarrett, USC
  31. Chicago - OG Ben Grubbs, UA
  32. Indianapolis - LB Brandon Siler, FLA
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