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Rice and Pittman try to Recruit Plummer

Stealing a line from the band Weezer, "Say it ain't SoooOoooo".  The Pewter Report is reporting both Simeon Rice and Michael Pittman have attempted to call Jake Plummer in order to talk him into playing for the Bucs.  LUCKILY their efforts proved worthless as Jake Plummer didn't return their calls.

Let this thing DIE fellas . . . Its a noble act that Simeon and Pittman tried in calling Plummer, but for all things that are remotely thinkable, let Jake go, preferably to the Peace Corp.  If Jake comes back, we're paying him 5.3 mil for what?  Jeff Garcia is the starter.  Is Plummer even familiar with Grudens offense?  AND let's pleaseeee put to bed the idea of trading Plummer to the Texans.  Today the Texans have basically said no thanks to a deal, by trading for Matt Schaub.  Let Jake walk.  Thank you and Goodnight