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Bucs Superbowl Ring on EBay, No Really it is . . .

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If you head on over to , you my friend, can make an offer on one of the more prized possessions a Buc fan could possibly own.  No, its not a used Alstott undershirt, but its dang close . . . Marquise Walker must be in some sort of financial struggle because he is putting up for bids:  His 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Championship Ring.  I know a legion of Buc fans who would give up their <insert (body part, family member, dog) here> for the chance at owning this thing.  To bad it will take nearly $50,000, ouch!  I realize Walker was injured the entire season with a Thumb injury, but it's a Superbowl Ring.  Maybe Walker was disgusted he got traded for a one Thomas Jones, but still its a Superbowl Ring.

 Derrick Brooks once said:

"The desire of the player is to raise the Lombardi Trophy in victory, but it will be the journey to that prize that ultimately defines the man".  

I guess Marquise didn't find that deep enough.  Did I mention he's auctioning off a Superbowl Ring!?!?!?

hat tip to Alstott Fan