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Bucs to meet with Franchised Saints DE Charles Grant


The St. Pete Times is reporting the Bucs are just putting in the ground work to possibly acquire Charles Grant in the future, as in '08.

The Pewter Report is reporting the Bucs have scheduled a meeting with Franchised Saints DE Charles Grant for today.

Grant is only 28 years old and is coming off a season in which he recorded 6 sacks. This isnt the guy I would necessarily give up two first round picks for. Number one, he hasnt recorded double digit sacks since '04. Number two, he plays on atro-turf, which in-effect should make him faster. Rather than give up two first round picks, the Bucs could pull off a trade with the Saints. We certainly don't have any players of value (that we can afford to give up) unless the Saints would like a shot with Michael Clayton to replace cap casualty Joe Horn. I'd rather us hold on to the Draft Picks that a signing/trade like this may require. I mean, if you're gonna pay BIG, you better get a bonafied star i.e. Julius Peppers