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Garcia to Simms: You haven't shown enough

Today on Dan Patrick's ESPN Radio show, he had new Tampa Bay Buc QB Jeff Garcia on to talk about the plethora of QB additions the Bucs have acquired this offseason. When asked about QB Chris Simms, Garcia had this to say "as far as the starting QB spot is concerned, I don't think he's shown enough to hold that position to himself."

This comes a couple days after Chris Simms told Dan Patrick that he saw QB Jeff Garcia as competition. Simms didn't precede to call Garcia a journeyman or anything so this could get interesting, BUT we all know Simms will blow this off (as he should) and just act as if everything is how it should be.

Garcia also said he wanted to leave Philly, because he was told there would be no competition between he and McNabb.

Jeff wake up and smell the coffee ... McNabb took the Eagles to the Superbowl and he's NOT 37 years old (so i really just wanted an excuse to post a McNabb photo, rather through a crazy trade scenario like: Simeon Rice and Jeff Garcia for Donovan McNabb, heh). Mission accomplished