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Bracketology: Tournament Sign-Up

Yes-Sir Buc fans!! It's that time in the off-season where we piggy back on another Sports "Haymaker" due to our own lack of excitement (not that signing Jeff Garcia wasnt Joyous and Exciting) . . .

The brackets are out, which means it's time for everyone to get signed up for the Buc'Em NCAA Tournament Challenge.

This year's tournament will be provided by - sign up instructions are below:

(1) Go to the Bracket Battles log in page

(2) Register as a new user (Rivals subscribers need only to log in with their current information)

(3) Upon completing registration, search for the league: "Buc'Em Official Bracket"

(4) Sign up

Scoring this year will be as follows:
Round 1: 10 points per correct pick
Round 2: 20 points per correct pick
Round 3: 30 points per correct pick
Round 4: 40 points per correct pick
Round 5: 50 points per correct pick
Round 6: 60 points for national champion

2 bonus points will be awarded per correct "Upset Pick," which is defined as any team 2 seeds lower than its opponent. In other words, if you pick a 10 to beat a 7 in the first round, you'll get the 10 points for the correct pick, plus 2 points for the upset bonus. The bonus upset points extend through every round of the tournament.

We've got some great prizes for this year's winners, too:

1st Place

A T-Shirt of your choice from a collection of Buccaneer Shirts (the selection will likely come from or could possibly be a Buc' First Edition T-Shirt)

2nd and 3rd Place

A HUGE "pat on the back". I mean 2nd and 3rd place are the 1st place LOSERS!!!!

Tourney Instructions brought to you by: