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Peter King: Petitgout is better than Davis

Peter King from feels the Cowboys vastly overpaid for Leonard Davis. King goes as far as to call Davis a "Classic Underachiever".

I'm not sure about the disparities in performance between Luke Petitgout and Leonard Davis, but I am enamored with this signing and feel we may have gotten a steal of a deal.

ETVal over at SB Nation's New York Giants Blog; had this to say about Petitgout:

Petitgout was having the best season of his career before breaking his leg halfway through the 2006 season. He has played left tackle the past few seasons and before that was the starting right tackle. He is a pretty good run blocker, but an average pass blocker, I believe. He is also subject to taking too many penalties. Particularly false starts. My nickname for him has always been "Penalty-Gout." Anyway, he's not Jonathan Ogden or Walter Jones, but he's a pretty good starting lineman and I was surprised the Giants let him go. Apparently they simply did not want to pay him big money.

Thanks Ed, for the insight