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The Dirty Doesn't

There's an article over at the Pewter Report that just rubs me the wrong way. I know its just another man's opinion, but the conjecture just comes off as so "matter-of-fact" that I can't stop thinking about it (although studying for a test and preparing for a job interview beg for it). The topics I mainly have a problem with consist of The Plummer incident, the Salaries of our Quarterbacks Combined (i'll refrain from a Captain Planet reference, too late!), and the excitement Buc fans should have from the Garcia signing . . .

(a) Here's why the Plummer deal makes no sense (to me):

(1) With Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, and Bruce Gradkowski(a more experienced Gradkowski); the need for a "Can't Cut It" QB in Jake Plummer is out the door. Especially one that would cost $5.3 million should he decide to play, which he's NOT. (2) If he stays retired and the Players Union can't get the trade nullified, then the Bucs dealt a '08 4th round draft pick for essentially $7 mil reports Si's Peter King and a roster spot. (3) Plummer's retired and he's not getting traded unless the Peace Corp can come up with some Draft Picks (highly unlikely).

(b) The Quarterback Salaries:

(1)How are Buc fans supposed to know that Simms' and Garcia's deals are based on incentives (namely playing time)? I don't know about you, but I feel confident in saying that every BUC FAN would gladly pay the millions it would take to field a Donovan McNabb, Peyton Manning, or Michael Vick; especially if the alternative (for nearly the same amount of money) would be an injury-prone starter, a 37-year-old journey man, and a retiree.

(c) Buc fans should be excited to have Garcia?

(1) It's more like relieved, relieved to know one injury will not derail this teams season, let alone its chances for making the playoffs. Garcia made it to the playoffs this past season; a healthy Chris Simms did the same for this team just a year ago.

I'm not trying to call you out or anything Mr. MacArthur; I just have a differing opinion, thats all. So I ask my readers (all three of you, heh), what do you think, am I crazy? Am I just another irrational and ill-informed fan?