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Why are Authentic Jerseys so Expensive?

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Why are NFL Authentic Jerseys so expensive? The going price for an Authentic Jersey at is $284.99. The NFL may state that it costs alot to produce Authentic Jerseys; if thats the case then why do dealers on EBay produce and sell their Authentic jerseys for as little as $44.99 (including shipping). Well maybe they will say the NFL's Authentics differ from Authentic's found on EBay; I can say through first hand experience, that if you buy from a respected dealer on EBay the difference is non-existent. So why then, would the NFL continue to sell Authentic Jerseys at such an astronomical rate when it could potentially sell a ton more Authentic Jerseys if the price was say, CUT IN HALF? As a fan its difficult to stomach paying $284.99 with today's free agency and the tendency for (what should be team lifers) John Lynch's and Warrick Dunn's to be let go. Checkout the new poll about Jerseys, how do you feel?