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I'll take one of each:

Here's a list of free agents the Bucs should pursue that John Harris from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has provided with "to-the-point-remarks" just like we like 'em . . .


Tim Rattay, Tampa Bay
Solid No. 2. passer
He proved he could handle being Simms back-up


T.J. Duckett, Redskins
Steelers favorite available at right price
forget the Steelers, Duckett would look nice replacing Pittman


Donte Stallworth, Philadephia
Can't be covered, but can't stay healthy
In the event that we lose out on a certain someone.


Kris Dielman, San Diego
Tenacious run blocker
Call me crazy, but I think #24 may appreciate Kris

Eric Steinbach, Cincinnati
Turns 27 in April and already has 62 career starts
and lets add that Rudi Johnson prospers from that o-line


Jordan Black, Kansas City
Opened holes for Larry Johnson
quit smiling #24 we havent signed him yet

Leonard Davis, Arizona
Pro Bowl potential
sounds good to me


Dewayne White, Tampa Bay
Pass-rusher would be perfect fit for Steelers
i see (No) reason to not bring him back


E.J. Henderson, Minnesota
Played one season under Mike Tomlin
worth a look for sure

Adalius Thomas, Baltimore
Rushes the quarterback, plugs the run and chases receivers
sounds good to me shoot

Demorrio Williams, Atlanta
92 tackles last season
hurt an opponent with this signing, check